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Where to eat and have a drink? Good addresses, Thai and international restaurants, average prices, Koh Samui, Thailand

There's too much to choose from...
In Thailand, meals occupy an important place in the all days life.

It is possible to find (almost) everywhere to eat 24 hours and in the tourist places, multitude of restaurants, by way of the small stands on edge of road to 5 stars "top class".

Thai cookery is more and more appreciated worldwide! So, to you to feast.

Koh Samui is anyway not in rest, you will find there restaurants proposing you dishes of all the regions of the world (or almost...).

Thai curries, mmmmh!
There are excellent Thai restaurants which propose you dishes of all the regions of the country, without forgetting seafood, that is the local specialty, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Mexican, and that's not all!

If the "Farang" food (Western, so to speak) misses you, you will be able to eat as at home and at an unbeatable price.

If your budget is tight, you will be able to have something to eat in small market stalls or on the roadsides, often excellent and for a sum from 25 to 50 baht for the meal.

All the bungalows or hotels generally possess their own restaurant also, practical when you do not want to move.

Some examples of current prices on the island
1 dish in a small local restaurant on the roadside 25 to 50 baht per person
1 coca-cola on the beach or on a poolside 20 baht
1 meal in an average class Thai restaurant 80-150 baht per person
1 curry soup to take away at the market 20 baht
1 steak and chips in a Western restaurant 150-250 baht
1 meal in a high standing restaurant 500-700 baht per person
Examples given as information, these can vary according to establishments.

Name Location Type of cookery
Papillon Restaurant Chaweng French and Thai cookery, French management, also bungalows
Chez Andy Chaweng Swiss and international, BBQ, steak, wines
The Islander Chaweng English, Thai and European
Ali Baba Chaweng Indian, tandoori & co, vegetarian as well
Baan Thai Seafood Chaweng Seafood and Thai show
Chez Ban-Ban Big Buddha Also known as "Le Mas de Provence", very good restaurant, Thai, French and Swiss cookery
Budsaba Chaweng Thai and European, at Muang Kulaypan Resort
Fisherman's Village Chaweng Thai, seafood, catch your fish inside the aquarium
Jungle Park Restaurant North Lamai Thai and international, good restaurant, idyllic setting
Magic Light Chaweng Swiss, Thai and international
The Spa Lamai The first vegetarian restaurant on the island
Upstairs Chaweng Brasserie, Oriental and European cookery
La Crêperie Lamai Steaks, salads, sandwiches and pancakes

Note that all the international restaurants, as a general rule, serve Thai food.

And after a good meal, why not going have a drink (or more)!

Thai Food
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