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All the main and most interesting attractions and curiosities of Koh Samui like as Hinta Hinyai, Butterfly Garden, Crocodile Farm, Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, Secret Garden, Snake Farm, Monkey Theaters and many more, plus a mini photo gallery to help you make up your mind

There are many curiosities or attractions to see on the island of Samui, enough to satisfy all the family.

We suggest you some places worth a visit:
HINTA HINYAI (Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks)
HIN TA - HIN YAI (Grandfather & Grandmother Rocks) Certainly one of the most visited place of interest by any kind of tourists, rock formations which represent the male and female genital organs.

Their formation and their appearance were made famous by a local tale describing their origin and their existence on the island. The tale tells that the bodies of an old couple would have run aground in the bay after their boat sunk thus creating these weird rock shapes..

Souvenir shops and fresh drinks on sale in the street which leads to the site. Located at the south of the beach of Lamai and well indicated by a road sign.

The famous rock...
A beautiful place indeed
You will be there able to observe many butterfly species in the wild spreading themselves in a tropical natural environment, among the most beautiful of the region. The observers can witness the cycle of multiplication of some species which increased on the spot, a nice visit for the whole family. There are other insects to see also, there is a hive in which you will be able to observe bees working in production and yet a museum where insects of Thailand and other countries are showed.

The farm is located on a hill at the south-east end of the island at "Na Tien". It is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

There are 2 crocodile farms on the island, one which is located behind the airport and on a 7000 square metres area, you will find more than 100 animal species such as Siam and sea water crocodiles, caymans, snakes, lizards, apes and many others.There are 2 daily shows, at 2 and 4.30 pm.

The second one is situated in the south of the island, at Namuang Waterfall II , also not to be missed for the dramatic show, like this beautiful young lady who puts her head in the mouth of the crocodile... and it is a good opportunity to admire the country's wild fauna without needing to venture into the deep jungle...

An impressive show
Amazing underwater life, terrifying tigers!
If you are not an amateur of diving or snorkeling, you have another solution if you would like to admire underwater fauna, in the south of the island, after the village of Huathanon you turn right and follow the "Aquarium and Tiger Zoo" road signs.

You will be able to see there many fish and coral species, among others turtles, sharks, catfishes and many others which come from the local underwater ocean deeps. You will have also the possibility of feeding giant tortoises in their vast tanks by buying them some vegetables on sale on the spot.

And at the aquarium exit, you will be able to admire magnificent tigers inside their cages, and will be urged to attend a spectacle of birds (at 1 pm generally), including parrots, falcons, sea eagles and others. But before, do not forget to have a photograph taken together with a tiger (100 baht with your camera, and 250 with the Polaroid of the zoo (the funds are poured back to the Tigers Foundation) to amaze your friends...
It is one of the most popular sports in Southern Thailand, with a half dozen stadiums around the island which you will recognize with their bamboo-made walls and coconut palms branches to obstruct the sight of those which did not pay for their seats... They do not occur all the time, but if you see signposts on edge of roads announcing the event, we advise you to go have a look.
Fight ends when one of the two buffaloes turns over, generally well before harms occur, sometimes a fight can last a few seconds.

But let us say that the main purpose of this kind of event for an indigenous, it is not too the much show, but rather play for high stakes, very important sums are bet.

Entry around 100-150 baht for gents and free for the ladies.
This teak house is over than 150 years old!

This house was built of teak more than 150 years ago, and with the means of that time, this means all the parts are fitted together without any nail.
It is situated on the right-hand side of the road 4170 which leaves afterwards on the left by coming from Huathanon village after a few kilometres, there is a "Ancient House" signpost.

Visit: 10 baht.
Without any doubt, it is the place to be visited on the island, it is in the area of "Taling Ngam" in the south of the island and of Nathon, there are 2 daily shows at 11 am and 2 pm..

Very good spectacle (all in music!) showing snakes living on Samui and some of Asia's most venimous species as well as centipedes and scorpions. There is also a show of cock fight, very popular in Thailand.

The program is as instructive as entertaining, in a typical Thai style. A good time for all the family. An enthralling part is a fight between the man and the scorpion, the centipede. There is also a cobra exhibition which only the Samui's snake farm has got.

Feel reassured, the spectators safety is guaranteed during shows.
a show which will give you the creeps!
MAGIC GARDEN (or Heaven's Garden)
A resting place on Samui's heights, a small waterfall and all around around dozens of statuettes which were carved in the rock by a local inhabitant of the name of Nim Thongsuk, he had begun to build the garden in 1976 when he was 77 years old. Take a road map, because the only (suitable) road which leads to it is a military road which departs on the right-hand side between Lamai and Nathon, but generally a guard will ask you where you go, and you say "Magic Garden" that's all, normally he will let you continue your way. Asphalt road almost until the site, easy by motorbike. Otherwise the other means to arrive there, is to hire an all-roads vehicle by crossing the jungle, departing behind Lamai's temple, but pay attention, it is necessary to be an experimented driver (any ground)..
Otherwise, there is yet another easier way to go there, it is to join one of the numerous excursions proposed by travel agents and hotel complexes, as they generally stop at the magic garden and you will have also the occasion to admire the island from many viewpoints.

Entry: 40 baht per person.
The man's best friend on Samui...
On Samui, the monkey is certainly the best friend of the man, because it has been utilised for centuries to go harvest coconuts on top of coconut palms, and it is necessary indeed to say that before the arrival of tourism, the coconut was the main activity and particularly an income source for the island...
The monkey theater proposes shows in which the monkeys can emphasize their dexterity and not only in the cropping of coconuts, also show with elephants. The theater is located on the left by leaving Chaweng on the way to Bophut , in a street behind, there are signposts. Several daily shows, rather funny, the monkeys will well make you laugh and you will spend a good time.

Otherwise you will always be able to visit one of the numerous small "Monkey shows" which you will find on the roadsides for a few tens of baht.

Visit: 10 baht.

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