Hinta Hinyai - A view to a...
Monks looking onto Grandfather's rock

Hinta Hinyai - It's amazing how deep roots a tree can have!
A plant springing up from the rocks

Hinta Hinyai - Grandmother lips?
An odd view onto Hinta Hinyai

Hinta Hinyai - Looks real!
Ladies and gentlemen, grandma's rock!

Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo - Crab's life
Samui Aquarium's underwater life

Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo - Have your portrait photograph taken together with...tomcat!
Tigers are petted at Samui Tiger Zoo

Samui Snake Farm - Are you ticklish?
Kiss of death at the Snake Farm
Samui Snake Farm - It's not the fight, it's the bite...
King cobra's tamer
Samui Snake Farm - Do you dare to step forward??
This and other species at Snake Farm
Samui Crocodile Farm - Pond infested with crocodiles
Crocodile Farm breathtaking show
Monkey Theater - The man's best friend on Samui will make you split your sides laughing
Several Monkey Theathers on Samui
Fighting Buffaloes - A well deserved fresh grass meal after that merciless fight
Buffaloes also fight, a must see