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Big Buddha, Mummified Monk, Laem Sor Pagoda and many more typical Samui landmarks

The island is more known for its magnificent white sands beaches and its coconuts, but it also shelters an incredible Buddhist culture. From numerous colored temples to antique statues by way of the mummified monk, Samui will amaze you by its number of curiosities to discover.

We propose you here some visits suggestions:


Certainly the most known temple of Samui, you will not be able to leave the island without having gone visit the Wat Phra Yai Temple, in other words Big Buddha.

Situated on a peninsula, the statue of the Big Buddha measures 12 metres in height, you can perceive it from several kilometres in the surroundings, and even from the plane just before landing.

There are plenty of small shops, local craft workshops and restaurants around the temple.

It is situated in the northeast of the island, on the road #4171, not far from the airport.
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Formerly, this small statue was one of the main curiosities of the island.

Regrettably it is in poor condition and is ruined now, but in spite of its poor condition, this place is still worshipped and remains a religious building for the monks of the nearby temple, Wat Samret.

Rather difficult to find this place, there is only a quite small panel indicating it on the right-hand side by coming from the village of Ban Huathanon, about 800 metres after on the road #4169.

Coral Bouddha's statue
The famous Buddhist mummified monk

The body of the most famous mummified monk of Samui, Loung Pordaeng, is exposed here in this temple, Wat Khunaram.

Dead on May 7th, 1977, by reaching Nirvana and sat in a meditative position, the body stayed there so far and almost without any sign of decomposition.

You will find this temple on the road #4169 halfway between the village of Ban Huathanon and Namuang's waterfalls.

In this peaceful place was built Laem Sor's small pagoda, directly on the rocky beach of the same name.

This pagoda is decorated with thousands of small gilded bricks which shine under the sun.

Lead to the South of the island, towards Ban Kao village and follow the road #4170 Westward, then there is a panel on the left indicating the small road to go to the pagoda.

Laem Sor's pagoda
The Wat Samret and its numerous statues

In Wat Samret's temple, a small "chapel" contains uncountable small Buddha statues of which the biggest which measures three metres is in the lying down position.

This latter was transported from India up to here.

About 700 metres after Huathanon village (road #4169) you turn on the left as soon as you will see the panel indicating the temple.

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Its gilded pagoda which you will see by entering the temple is very known for locals and even the stars of the Thai television used it repeatedly as decoration for films scenes.

One says that this temple shelters a relic of Lord Buddha.

On the left, about 1 kilometre after Hinta Hinyai, but before Huathanon village (road #4169).
Wat Sila Ngu temple
Buddha's footprints

Old of more than 300 years, these four footprints superposed and engraved in the stone represent the "liberation path" such as Lord Buddha discovered it. They are in a modest chapel on the top of a 150 steps stair. When you arrive on the place, steer on the right-hand side and take the path which goes on the hill. Also a very beautiful sight on neighborhood.

To find this place, at the first crossroad after the Ban Huathanon village (on the way to Nathon town) turn left, follow the road #4170 and after the big turn it is on the left.
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