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Frequently asked questions, What you always wanted to know without ever daring to ask, FAQ on Koh Samui, Thailand


Here is so a small sample of the most common demands, this list will be completed as one goes along.


What would be the weather for the month of... ?

Regrettably we do not make rain and sunshine but for any questions regarding the climate, please refer to our page "Climate and weather", this page is very complete with a lot of information about this subject.

Is it dangerous to visit Thailand alone ?

No, Thailand is not considered as a risky destination. Obviously it is necessary to respect rights and customs of this country, and never forget that we are visitors and that we are here the foreigner. The Thais are of passive, very nice nature with foreigners, if you like contacts, it is very easy to communicate, even though there is a language barrier.

Where to find the cheapest plane tickets departing from my country ?

We thought a long time about this question and as this portal has as a goal to answer to the best your demands, we are proud to announce you that, from now on, you have the possibility to book and buy your plane tickets, for all the destinations, at bargain rate, by our website!.
Click here: discount fares from/to anywhere!

How to go to Koh Samui from Bangkok ?

There are 3 possible means, the plane, the train or the bus then the boat. For further details, please consult our pages on this purpose, very detailed.

I leave Koh Samui to go to...?

Answer can also be found on our travel/timetables pages.

I would like to go to Full Moon Party, but how can it be done ?

From Samui it is very easy to go to Koh Phan-Ngan's Full Moon Party (Haad Rin beach), there are shuttles which leave in the evening and return in the morning, but there are other solutions as well, for further details, click here.

Is there any international school on Samui island ?

Yes, even several, there are some English-speaking international schools and now there is a French-speaking school support as well.

How to go to Koh Tao from Samui ?

Please do consult our new "Koh Tao" column, all the information is there.

We arrive by plane to Suratthani, from there how to join Samui ?

No concerns, everything is organized for you, as moreover often happens in Thailand, there are shuttle transfers by minibuses between the airport and the ferry pier. Timetables and information here.

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How to find a job in Samui ?

It is true that more of one person dreamed of finding a job under coconut palm trees... but it is necessary to know that, excepted for hostelry and sometimes some other branches, it is very difficult to find a job in Samui, and places are expensive. One other consideration, conditions of employment on the spot are on no account comparable to those you could find in Europe. Impressive working schedules, small salaries, no social coverage generally also.
But do not feel discouraged, if you are smart and resourceful, try your luck, and the best mean to find a job on the island is to introduce yourself spontaneously. And let us say that the best solution, financially speaking, exile you by an international company and you will benefit from all the social advantages known to us and so you will have the pleasure to join work and Thailand in the best conditions.

I wish to settle in Thailand ?

First of all, think well before making such a big step, Thailand of holidays or Thailand of all days is perceptibly different. Weigh well pros and cons, it is not, in our humble opinion, that after 2 weeks of idyllic holidays past here where everything was rose-coloured, or further to a loving meeting that you have to chuck everything up, think once again!

This said, it is clear that the quality of life here is certainly more "relaxed" than at home and level of life can interest many, but it is necessary to leave aside his/her old principles of Westerner and to get used to the local life, that is not impossible by making some small efforts.

Before you jump into the water, we would suggest you to make a test, to come live here for a few months, to rent a house and to merge in the local life.

Were the website photos made by you ?

Yes, all the photos in the gallery and on the site were made by us on the island or the region, not any copy or postcard scanning. Help yourself, if you want to make a nice computer wallpaper of tropical colours or to use them for your own site, in the second case, a short E-mail is welcome, just to get acquainted and why not adding a link.

I would like to meet a Thai woman/man ?

Then there, we rely on you and in our opinion you do not need us for that...

Can you give us information on Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or others ?

We try to do our best answering E-mails, even if our specialty is Samui, given that we live on the island... Otherwise, on our links page, we collected sites which will certainly answer your expectations.

Can we rent a house in Samui ?

Yes it is possible, it is moreover a new phenomenon. For short duration stays, there are numerous foreigners who invest in Thailand and propose houses of an excellent comfort to rates comparable to those of the hotels sometimes even more interesting if you share expenses with a number of people. Comfort is sometimes maximum (terrace, TV satellite, radio ) but especially you keep your own independence. For those who want to stay several months, the rent of a house by a Thai is preferable because, even though comfort will not be comparable, rates will be more accessible. Count on more or less 10'000 baht per month for something correct. Water and electricity or sometimes the telephone are not included, so responsible for the tenant, but it is not this that is going to ruin you, set apart if you abuse of air-conditioning. The price naturally depends on the place (on the beach more expensive than inland), on the furnishing, on the duration and on your negotiator's talent.

Since recently, we are really proud to offer you an online system to help you find the holiday house of your dreams, sumptuous newly built houses with all the amenities and inhouse fitting and fixture.
click here and start dreaming...

Is it safe to book a hotel through your website ?

Yes, on hundreds of bookings every year, we did not record any complaint. The coordinates of your credit card are coded and encrypted, and nobody can access them. Our team on the spot allows us to weave real relations of partnership with hundreds of lodging suppliers and so to serve perfectly our customers according to their specific needs.

Is the payment by credit card secure ?

Yes, at least on our website, our page is entirely safe for the on-line payment (SSL - Secure Socket Layer). Never pass on your banking coordinates by E-mail or on a non secure site!

Does KohSamui-Info's team live on the island ?

Yes, we live on the island, the website is completely animated from this small paradise, it is what makes this website, one of the most complete and accurate information portals in the area.

Can we do nudism on Samui ?

Good question, not in our knowledge. Thais are very chaste, set apart some places which give them precisely a bad image, and in the tourist places rocked by the Occidental fashion the Thais do not get dressed necessarily the same way as in the countryside, but generally speaking it is not advised to make it, on the other hand topless does not make problems generally on beaches very frequented by the tourists, even though once you will see the glance of some locals bending over you...

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