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Thai money, all the banknotes and coins illustrated


The 1000 baht note
The 1000 baht banknote, the largest note ; sometimes retailers and small shops are not able to give back change, provide for smaller notes.
The 500 baht note
The old 500 baht banknote (front).

The new 500 baht note (front)
No, it is not a counterfeit one, it is only the brand new 500 baht note.
The new 500 baht note (back)
The new 500 baht banknote (back).

The 100 baht note
100 baht.
The 50 baht note
50 baht.

The 20 baht note
20 baht.
The old 10 baht note
The old 10 baht banknote, more and more rare, still valid and on the market though.

The 10 baht coin
The 10 baht coin.
The 5 baht coin
The 5 baht coin, useful for a local phone box call.
The 1 baht coin

The 1 baht coin, the wallet is quickly filled up with.

There still are smaller gilded coins, the satang (25 and 50), particularly " utilized " in super and hypermarkets. When, for example, you buy an 19,75 baht item with a 20 baht note, the cashier gives you back the exact 25 satang change, though hardly reusable in other shops. Even if you assert that you have got four 25 satang coins summing (for) 1 baht, generally nobody wants them... In short, we are not going to quibble for such a small amount and, in addition, you could keep them as a souvenir.

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