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Let's party!


The days off!

A lot of feasts and celebrations are determined according to the lunar calendar, consequently dates vary from year to year.

The main celebrations and public holiday

  • 31st December and 1st of January, New Year's Day

  • Mid-january, Children's Day, the second Saturday of this month is dedicated to the children

  • 16th January, Teachers' Day, all the schools are closed

  • Beginning of February, Chinese New Year, 4 days holiday (Bangkok)

  • End of February, "Magha Puja" buddhist feast, everybody to the temple

  • 6th April, Chakri's Day, King Rama I commemoration, who was the first of Chakri kings dynasty

  • 13th-15th April, "Songkhran", Buddhistic New Year, according to lunar calendar, everybody sprinkles water on eachother ! It is the most delirious feast

  • 1st May, Labour Day, day off for administrations and some companies

  • 5th May, Coronation Day and official anniversary of the current sovereign, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)

  • May, "Visakha Puja", anniversary of the birth of Lord Buddha, very nice feast

  • July, "Asalha Puja", beginning of the Buddhistic Lent, the youngsters get ready to start their "Buddhistic retreat" lasting about 3 months

  • 12th August, Queen Sirikit's Birthday, all is closed

  • October, "Khao Phansaa", it is the end of the Lent and the beginning of "kathins" season, the Buddhist monks are offered their new "dresses"

  • 23rd October, "Chulalongkorn", anniversary of the death of King Rama V, of the same name

  • November, "Loi Krathong", the night of the full moon, the people deposit on the sea or the rivers the famous "Krathongs", made of banana tree leafs and containing a candle, three incense sticks, flowers and a few coins, to honor the spirits of the water, very beautiful and romantic celebration

  • 5th December, King's Birthday, photos of the King and the royal family everywhere

  • 10th December, Constitution Day, national holiday to commemorate the introduction of constitutional monarchy in 1932

P.S. We are anxious to clarify that these informations are given as a rough guide and that kohsamui.com is not, in any case, responsible for changes or "differences".

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