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About money...


The banks

The banks open from 8:30 am till 3:30 pm non stop from Monday to Friday.
The government services open from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm, their offices are closed between 12:00 am and 1:00 pm.
You will find many currency exchange offices or banks branches everywhere in the tourist spots and opened 7 days a week and often till 10 pm.

All the common foreign currencies are accepted in the banks everywhere, in cash or in travelers cheques (more valuable exchange rate).

The Thai currency is the baht (international currency code : THB).

If you have to exchange large amounts of foreign currencies, it is interesting to compare the exchange rates of the various banks, because they vary appreciably from a bank to another and on a large sum you can gain several hundreds of baht.

If you intend to stay in Thailand for a long time or to visit it repeatedly, the easiest way is to open a bank account here (you will need to bring only your passport to open it) as it is made in ten minutes and you will be given an ATM card which will allow you to withdraw some money from any Automatic Teller Machine of any bank, which you will find everywhere, and the advantages are that you will be able to withdraw money at any time and you do not need to carry with you large amounts.

Small exchange counters
 Small exchange counters

Automatic Teller Machine
 max 20'000 baht

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  • Credit cards

    The most widespread cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These cards allow you to withdraw money from any ATM which displays the same logo/symbol as your card, provided you have PIN code, otherwise you also could withdraw money from bank counters (4% commission or more!) or pay with your credit card in miscellaneous shops, hotels and restaurants.

    For your information, there are now Automatic Teller Machines available everywhere on the island. All of them allow you to withdraw money with your country's ATM card.
    The maximum allowable withdrawal at once is of 20'000 baht.

    Credit card loss or theft
    Visa, Mastercard (Bangkok) 02-299 1990
    American Express (Bangkok) 02-273 0020

    Money transfer

    If you urgently need money on your holiday location and have no time to receive a bank transfer (maybe you haven't got a bank account here), think of Western Union, a reliable and fast money transfer worldwide.

    Send cash now and stay in touch with Western Unionbanner

    P.S. We are anxious to clarify that these informations are given as a rough guide and that kohsamui-info.com is not, in any case, responsible for changes or "differences".

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