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body jewelry in thailand


Body Jewelry in Thailand

Since the mid-90's much of the world's jewelry manufacturing business has moved to Thailand. It started with the semi-precious stone jewelry companies coming here who were then followed by both the top end precious jewelry, the costume jewelry and the body jewelry companies. They all found a large skilled or easily trained workforce with salaries far lower than in the West. Being skilled at handicrafts seems part of Thai culture and both Thai and foreign companies found this to be an advantage.

One of the outcomes of this migration is that anyone wearing body and piercing jewelry will probably find it was made in Bangkok. Centered around the Khao San Road area of Bangkok you can find many shops selling body jewelry at prices far lower than in your own countries and now you can find many web sites allowing customers outside Thailand to buy direct from the factories.

Some examples are Belly Rings Tongue Rings which sells body jewelry to the US market and My Toe Ring which sells mainly silver toe rings. Body Jewellery UK is a body jewelry site priced in UK pounds sterling and Belly rings UK which like its name says is a belly button ring site also aimed at UK customers.

If you are into body piercing or other types of jewelry search the web and find some of the many sites which are Thai based.

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