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When Samui began to develop into an international resort destination, Koh Pha-Ngan took over as the cheaper, quieter alternative. Here it's still possible to find that deserted island feeling, untouched beaches and isolated natural attractions...      Koh Pha-Ngan. Click here for the map...

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Accommodation - Health Services - Useful numbers - Photo Gallery - Full Moon Party

"190 square metres area, 11'000 inhabitants

This island, only a half hour to the north of Samui by boat, will delight those who want to discover almost deserted beaches, unsuspected coral formations, and of course to try out the very laid back way of life of this quiet island inundated with sun throughout the year.

Here there is no airport, few paved roads and a wilder atmosphere will make you taste again the life of the islands before tourism.
In spite of its 'outside limit' aspect, Pha-Ngan is universally known by the 'ravers' of any part of the world thanks to the huge monthly gathering on the beach of Hat Rin, in the south, the
Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan-One of the dream seascapes, here in Hat Salat
Koh Pha-Ngan-An express boat at Thong Sala's international port

From Samui's Nathon port there are 2 to 3 express boats departing every day (depending on the season) for Pha-Ngan's Thong Sala port. At Samui's Lipa Noi port there is 1 ferry boat per day which also arrives at Thong Sala. To reach Hat Rin from Samui, there are boats twice a day from Bangrak pier. During Full Moon parties, there are several speedboats linking Hat Rin in half an hour from Bophut and Maenam piers as well. Koh Pha-Ngan is also linked up with mainland by 4 boats and ferries a day all departing from Suratthani's Ban Don port or Donsak port. There are also combined train-bus-boat tickets from Bangkok Hualamphong railway station or Sai Thai southern bus terminal. Have a look at the Samui's transportation section for more details.

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Interactive map, click on the various parts which contain links
Thong Sala and the ferry pier Hat Rin - Full Moon Party Hat Thong Nai Pan Hat Khuat (or Bottle Beach) Chaloklum Ao Hat Thong Lang, Ao Mae Hat and Koh Maa Hat Salat

Thong Sala (other spelling: Thongsala)

Koh Pha-Ngan's main town, situated on the west coast. It is the place where the ferries from mainland and Samui arrive at the island's main port.
You will find here many restaurants, travel agencies, clothes shops and even a market. Here you will also find many places where you will be able to change your foreign currencies or to hire a motorbike (about 150 to 250 baht per day).

Hat Rin (other spelling: Haad Rin)

South-east of the island. Beach on both sides of the cape, the nicest is the one to the west, Hat Rin Nok, a long sandy ribbon edged by coconut palms, and famous for its Full Moon Party.

Thong Nai Pan

A beautiful bay in the north-east of the island. Some rocky walls tempt skilled rock climbers to scale them.
This place gorgeous indeed is worth a visit but the roads that lead to it are untarred and steep, among the most dangerous of the island.

Hat Khuat (Bottle Beach)

This place is still remained wild because of the distance from the main roads and piers.
You can access Hat Khuat by walking by a steep path or by boat from Chaloklum.

Baan Chaloklum (other spelling: Chalok Lam)

Situated in the north of the island, it is a very quiet fishermen village where you will find a very genuine atmosphere. There are several family-run groceries, restaurants and even a couple of diving schools. A place away from the hustle and bustle of Hat Rin or even Thong Sala.
On the way to Chaloklum coming from Thong Sala, inland are the Phaeng and Paradise Waterfalls, a beautiful Chineses temple and not far from it, a pink Buddha statue.

Ao Hat Thong Lang, Ao Mae Hat and Koh Maa (other spelling: Mae Haad)

In the north-west of Pha-Ngan, there are a nice fishermen village at Mae Hat and an isolated cove at Ao Hat Thong Lang. From here you can access Koh Maa (Horse island) walking from the beach to the very close small island.

Hat Salat (other spelling: Haad Salad)

Southwards coming from Ao Mae Hat (but located at the north-west of the island). The road here is actually a path and it is in a bad state at some places, even for the experienced drivers.
It is one of the best swimming and snorkeling sites of the island and the beachside is franged with coral.

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At Thong Sala you will find several ATMs, the main banks, where you will be able to sell (or buy) your travelers cheques and money transfer offices.
In Hat Rin, there are several travel agencies which can exchange your main foreign currencies and t/c.
The Pha-Ngan's post office is located south of Thong Sala, on the road to Had Rin.
For Internet access, the best facilities can be found in Thong Sala but you will also be able to find places where to check your E-mails almost everywhere where there are travel agents.

Koh Phangan-Thongsala's main street, where you will find many currency exchanging points, banks, post office, photo labs, internet cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, bikes for hire, massage parlours, etc.


Koh Pha-Ngan has a wide variety of selected hotels, resorts and bungalows on the island, from the cheapests ones to the international standards resorts, listed by location, by name or by rate (available in THB, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and more). The largest selection and the best rates in Thailand. Instant Booking (be sure to get redy with your credit card details, dates, etc.).

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There is a new hospital about 2,5 kilometres north of Thong Sala, set back from the road to Chaloklum.
Emergency service 24 hours. Phone 077-377 034

Koh Pha-Ngan-Lush tropical vegetation, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, nice people, great food, peaceful temples...a paradise on earth!

- Pha-Ngan Police Station 077-377 114
- Fire Dept. Station 077-272 400
- Tourist Police 077-421 281
or 1699
- Hospital 24 hours 077-377 034
- Post office 077-377 118
- Town hall office 077-377 062
- Raja Ferry Pha-Ngan office 077-377 452
fax 077-377 452

See our Thailand telephone section which contains emergency, embassies, banks, airlines companies, credit card loss or theft and many other useful numbers as well.

And last but not least about this Pha-Ngan section, do not forget to visit Koh Phangan's Photo Gallery!!!

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