Leelawadee Leelawadee

The name of an exotic flower in Thailand, originally from South America, recently became very popular. It has color variety (i.e: white, pink, orange, yellow , dark pink, light purple...but we often see the ''white'' one).
Its former name is ''Laan-Tom'' which is pronounced similarly to the word ''Ra-Tom'' meaning sadness, feeling gloomy and depressed, sufferring from a condition of excessive anguish or that sort of things. Related to its meaning in the past, Thais had a belief that if one planted this flower in the compound of their house, it would bring them bad luck. We'd see this flower, in the past, only in the temples, the palaces, the government offices, or any other places ''except'' the residence.
Later, the related organization has changed its name to be ''Leelawadee'' meaning joy, happiness, good luck..etc (absolutely opposite to its former name). And it is now becoming very popular to plant Leelawadee in Thailand. Thus, It is very common, at the moment, to see this Leelawadee nearly everywhere, in the Spas, Resorts, Hotels, Hospitals, houses.....etc.
Prao, Chiang Mai, Thailand Prao, a small quiet city in Chiang Mai, North of Thailand

From the photo you would see a clear scenery...and the fact is that it is exactly real. Even I couldn't believe , I was in Thailand when I took that photo.

To get out of the city and explore the countryside is not difficult. Going to Prao is just a drive away from Chiang Mai, an hour and a half!
U-Mong Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand U-Mong Temple

An isolated quiet temple in the outskirt of Chiang Mai, this temple is deep in the small way on Suthep Road, behind Chiang Mai University.

It has quite a long history, the temple is in the tunnel, which is ''U-Mong'' in Thai. The unique of temple is it has been surrounded by the natural forest, actually it is established on the foothill of Doi Suthep. Nice place for relaxing your mind and meditation.

If we walk up on the side of the tunnel, there you'll see this pagoda standing right in front of you...very nice.
Loy Krathong Lantern Illuminating Lantern on Loy Kratong Festival

Not sure about the other parts of Thailand but especially in the North, on Loy Kratong Festival which happens in the twelfth month of Thai calendar (or every full moon night of the twelfth month). Comparing to European calendar, it will be in November.

Besides floating the ''Kratong'' in the river to thank for Ganga Goddess for giving us the water to use (it is a belief), then we also launch the "Illuminating lantern" to let all the bad luck goes with it. During this festival, nearly every night we'll see numerous amount of these lanterns ligthing up the dark sky, it looks as if there are million stars twinkling up over there......it's gorgeous!
Golden Mount Temple, Bangkok,Thailand Top view of Bangkok from The Golden Mount Temple

As I was not originally from Bangkok, I'll give a draft information on this. This temple, its alternative name is ''Phu-Kao-Tong'', exactly the same meaning in English. Located in the middle of Bangkok it seems. The unique of the temple is that they established the golden pagoda high up on the man-made mountain, so we have to walk up to the top to reach the pagoda (we believe that part of the Buddha's ash was there), from there you could see the very nice view of Bangkok.

It was very windy up there and seems like another different world of Bangkok.
Muang Sart Temple Pagoda, Chiang Mai, Thailand The Pagoda of Muang Sart Temple, Chiang Mai

This temple is located in Nong Hoi District on the edge of the city. The temple itself is not famous but, for me, personally I have been seeing it since I was born, and it is a deep tie for my spiritual side.

In the ancient time, have heard from the old people that the Buddha statue was floating along the river near the temple when the villagers found him. They tried to lift him up from the river but it wasn't possible until they prayed and respectfully invited the Buddha statue to stay at the temple. And then it was very easy for the villagers to lift him up as if he was very light. From that moment on, he has been staying at the temple's hall for the villagers to pay respect.
Photographs and texts courtesy from Aor, the very skilled girlfriend of a special friend of mine who choosed to live in Chiang Mai, letting me deal alone here with the burning sun of Samui ;-)

Aor runs her own blog about her life in Siam and I am delighted to introduce you to her world:

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