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Thai language

It is the official language of the country. It is a tonal language, without inflection and which uses mainly monosyllabic words. Most of polysyllabic words were borrowed, mainly from Khmer,Pali and Sanskrit. In the rural zones, dialects are also spoken.

You so will find below some basic sentences of this language, this lexicon do not claim to be able to teach you the Thai language, but simply some words in order to be able to manage yourself while in Thailand and try "to converse" with the local population.

Phonetic was adapted to our language and little to our way, by trying to get closer the most possible to the real "sounds" of the Thai language. There are, in some bookshops or supermarkets, books on how to learn Thai, and all differ when it comes to compare phonetics, given that the Thai language has never exactly been transcribed to our latin alphabet and given that phonetic can also vary from a language to another.

Note that the "r" is often pronounced as a "l".

Some words and basic sentences...
hello sawàt-dii khâ (woman); khráp (man)
thank you khàwp khun khâ (woman); khráp (man)
it's nothing; never mind mâi pen rai
How do you do? sabaai-dii mái?
I'm fine, thanks sabaai-dii
I don't speak Thai phóm/chãn phut Thai mâi dâi
please speak slowly káwrúnaa phûut cháa-cháa
did you understand? khun khâo jai mâi?
may I take a photograph? thai rup di mi?
may I use the telephone? kho chai thorasap dâi mâi?
where are the toilets? hong nam you thi nai?
how much does it cost? raakhaa thâo rai?
what's that? ni keu arai?
very expensive! phaeng mâak!
have you got something cheaper? mii thùuk-kwàa níi mái?
the bill, please keb ngoen duay khâ/khráp
goodbye laa kàwn
see you soon láew phóp kan mài
pleased to meet you yin-dii thîi dâi rúujàk
happy new year sawàt-dii pii mài
happy birthday souksan wan kòet
good luck chôhk dii
excuse me kháw thóht khâ/khráp
I want to go... phóm/dì-chán yàak pai...
where is... ? ...yùu thîi nái?
turn left líaw sáai
turn right líaw khwáa
straight ahead trong pai
I/me (man) / I/me (woman) phóm / dì-chán
you or mister khun
he, him, she, her, they, them kháo
we, us rao
what time is it? kìi mohng láew?
why thammai
what a-rai
when mêua-rai
who khrai

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The numbers
1 nèung 11 sìp-èt
2 sáwng 12 sìp-sáwng
3 sáam 13 sìp-sáam
4 sìi 14 sìp-sìi
5 hâa 15 sìp-hâa
6 hòk 16 sìp-hòk
7 jèt 17 sìp-jèt
8 pàet 18 sìp-pàet
9 kâo 19 sìp-kâo
10 sìp 20 / 21 yîi-sìp / yîi-sìp-èt
30 sáam-sìp 40 sìi-sìp
50 hâa-sìp 60 hòk-sìp
70 jèt-sìp 80 pàet-sìp
90 kâo-sìp 100 ráwy
1'000 phan 10'000 mèun
100'000 sáen one million láan

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